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    Issy Kenney-Herbert

    History Faculty will not extend thesis deadlines

    The deadline for students to submit their thesis remains Friday of Week 8 Hilary Term.

    Classics Moderations cancelled and replaced with Prelims

    "Thank you for your lucid and well-argued letter about Mods, which was passed to the Chair of the Moderators, and was taken into account by the board of examiners when they considered what course to adopt. You will soon be receiving a formal announcement from the university that the decision has been taken to cancel Mods and set a Classics Prelim exam instead."

    “There are measures in place to ensure your removal”: Keble students return without permission

    Students from Keble College have been arriving at the college without any permission or having informed the accommodation office.

    Boris Johnson announces national lockdown

    Most students should expect their teaching to be online until at least mid-February.

    Oxford SU LGBTQ+ Campaign publish open letter in response to University’s Woman’s Place UK payment

    "We believe that the University’s involvement with WPUK demonstrates that it neither cares for nor respects its trans students."

    Grace period announced for postgraduate research students

    "This could save PGR students up to £508 each."

    Playing video games good for you, Oxford study says

    New research from Oxford University has delivered a new take on video games: time spent playing games could positively impact mental health.  Professor Andrew...

    Students set up Trans Day of Remembrance memorial

    Last Friday morning, a group of students woke up at 6am to set up a memorial in honour of Transgender Day of Remembrance. Elliot...

    Local residents campaign against St John’s quarry plans

    For the past five years, residents of Barford have protested a county council minerals plan that would lead to a large sand and gravel...

    Oxford ‘Shoe Strike’ for climate change

    A ‘Shoe Strike’ organised by Parents for Future Oxford, in support of youth climate strikes and the future generations who stand to be most impacted by...

    Opinion – Britain’s education system must break its silence

    TW: Racism During the six months I spent in Australia in Year 9 I learnt more about the history of imperialism, the atrocities committed...