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Christ Church forbids suspended students from Ball

Christ Church College, which is hosting its Commemoration Ball tonight, has taken the decision to prohibit suspended students from entry.

The University must take a look at itself before dishing out trashing fines

While climate change is at the top of the University's agenda in research and development, the University seems to have little qualms about accepting funds from the world's mega polluters.

Investigation reveals “unacceptable” levels of sexual harassment across University of Oxford

A five-month long Cherwell investigation indicates that there have been a minimum total of 93 complaints of sexual harassment across the University of Oxford since the beginning of the 2017/18 academic year. 

Special report: How Oxford partnered with Russian bank and Blavatnik

Vladimir Milov, Alexei Navalny’s chief economic adviser and a former Russian deputy energy minister, told Cherwell: “I can tell you that I think by any reasonable standards, Oxford did not do a proper due diligence on Fridman, Aven, or Blavatnik.”

It’s Oxford who celebrate: Men win while women draw in rugby Varsity Matches

"Oxford's Callum Grant popped a ball to Luke Wyllie, sprinting underneath the posts to put Oxford ahead."

Viva La Varsity

"The friendly animosity of the rivalry between Oxford and Cambridge is an energetic distraction to the soul-burning and hand-hurting activities of academic life."

JUST IN: Magdalen Bridge closed following collision

As of 14:59, Magdalen Bridge and the roundabout that gives way to St Clement's, Cowley, and Iffley is closed after a collision involving a...

Oxford, “Cycling City” of our world

"If only we could be riding horses and chariots like in the good old days, huh?"

Beer drills and beer fountains: the potential outcomes of Tracey Crouch’s alcohol plans

Mix beer with a sore defeat, and the pint cup could become an effective weapon for the football fan.

Jair Bolsonaro’s Brazil shirt

"The purity and innocence of the Seleção has finally been ruptured, eclipsed, and defaced by political calamity."

Tradition in innovation: Fluminense’s mosaico

"Underneath the surface of floating pieces of coloured paper are multitudes of fans dancing, chanting and jumping in a relentless attempt to mute the opposition fans’ voices. Each is partaking in a ritual that has survived generations."

Oxford Colleges reject student-led climate rankings

"The majority of Oxford and Cambridge colleges received the lowest 'U' grade in climate rankings published by the student-led group Climate League of Oxford and Cambridge. Anvee Bhutani, Oxford SU President, summarised on Twitter: 'Oxford colleges overwhelmingly fail'."

98% of surveyed Oxford University students vaccinated

"The response rate for the survey was 49.3%. The University also reported 'there were virtually no differences in vaccination rates between different colleges and departments'."

English Faculty says Professor Andy Orchard not currently undertaking teaching

In response to an open letter from English students in which they outlined their concerns regarding the Al Jazeera report into sexual harassment at Oxford, the Board of the Faculty of English told students that Professor Orchard will not teach students at undergraduate or Masters level.