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    Ellen Peirson-Hagger

    “Guitar legends of the Sahara”

    Ellen Peirson-Hagger finds a refreshing new perspective in Tinariwen's concert at the O2 Academy

    The Japanese House – “I’ve never wanted fame at all”

    Ellen Peirson-Hagger interviews Amber Bain on her moody indie project

    Laura Marling: always a woman

    Ellen Peirson-Hagger delves into the folk singer’s most recent explorations of love and identity on her new album Semper Femina

    The winter’s dead, long live the Spring King

    Ellen Peirson-Hagger’s ears are left ringing after a noise-fuelled night from a trilogy of bands at the Bullingdon

    Profile: Wendy Cope

    Poet Wendy Cope on teaching, parodies, and writing what we are all thinking

    Interview: Virago Press

    Ellen Peirson-Hagger delves into Virago Press’ history in conversation with Sarah Savitt and Donna Coonan

    Corbyn speaks in Oxford ahead of NHS “funeral procession”

    The Labour leader spoke in East Oxford ahead of a 200-strong "funeral march" for the NHS

    Emotional electronica

    Ellen Peirson-Hagger is touched by the humanity in James Blake’s live show, as, for once, the musician/producer emerges from behind his laptop

    St Hilda’s JCR establishes Class Liberation Officer

    The JCR voted last night for the existence of a position to equalise opportunity for students from working-class and socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds

    Live review: The Lovely Eggs, Cellar

    Ellen Peirson-Hagger looks under the shell of The Lovely Eggs

    Review: Michael Kiwanuka at the O2 Academy

    Ellen Peirson-Hagger is enthralled by the variety of musical influences in Kiwanuka’s endearing set

    New College’s new quad

    Plans by David Khon Architects include 70 new student rooms and new facilities

    Rhodes Must Fall campaigners demonstrate outside Oriel open day

    Two prominent RMF figures stood shirtless outside Oriel College to protest in front of potential Orielenses

    Live review: Father John Misty

    Ellen Peirson-Hagger witnesses a show packed to the brim with energy, sexuality and romance