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    Tony Diver

    Revealed: “Illicit canvassing” of Labour’s Anneliese Dodds in 1998 OUSU elections

    Research by Cherwell revealed electoral scandal surrounding the OUSU presidential election of Anneliese Dodds, Labour's candidate for Oxford East, during her time at university

    Jess Phillips: If Trump can be president, I can be leader of Labour

    One of Britain's most popular and controversial backbenchers talks to Tony Diver about her journey to the Commons, the Labour Party and the future for student politics

    John Cleese to speak at Oxford Union

    British actor John Cleese, known for his on-screen comedy and cavalier internet presence, is to speak at the Union on 20 April.

    Oxford Women beaten in the Boat Race

    Cambridge's initial lead proved long-lasting after Oxford caught a crab with their first stroke

    Residents’ anger over Bullingdon “seven-day drinking culture”

    Students blamed for “being sick and smashing bottles”

    Chancellor announces investment in Oxford-Cambridge rail link

    Government investment in Oxford will include train links and research grants

    Christ Church hall catches fire

    Four fire engines put out a fire at Christ Church this afternoon after black smoke billowed from its iconic dining hall

    College heads condemn Trump victory

    College principals and influential university voices react to the United States' shock election result

    Oxford reacts as Trump elected President

    The latest updates from across Oxford on Trump's shock victory

    St Anne’s responds to Teddy Hall rugby team smashing toilet and holding “topless brawl”

    The email demands an apology and damages "as a minimum" from the rugby team members that caused damage to the bar

    Sajid Javid “should have been out on his ear”, says Lord Patten

    Oxford University Chancellor defends "the rule of law" and the right of the High Court to rule on Brexit, after Sajid Javid's comments on Thursday

    St Peter’s students buy Wahoo sign

    JCR crowd-fund to afford sign following club's closure

    Teddy Hall rugby team in“topless brawl”

    Players “smashed up” a toilet and fought on the quad, after Teddy Hall’s 10-2 loss to Anne’s at darts

    St Anne’s name new principal

    Helen King is an alumna of St Anne's and the first police officer to be appointed head of an Oxbridge college