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    Oliver Donaldson

    Why has basketball not taken off in the UK?

    Perhaps it is the case that in each society there is a limited amount of space for popular sports. Once a particular sporting culture has established itself and the country’s sports fans’ conscience is occupied by particular sports, there is a diminished capacity for interest in additional sports.

    A weekend to remember

    If anything, this year’s Champions League Final acted as a smokescreen (or more precisely a red flare) to cover the more exciting and controversial events of a jam-packed weekend for sports fans around the world.

    A front-foot approach

    What can the Cricket World Cup do to increase its fanbase?

    Beyond the surface level: which court is the ideal one for tennis?

    Few major sports are defined by their playing surface in the same way that tennis is.

    A whole new ball game

    Oliver Donaldson on rackets sports you might not know

    A sport for everyone?

    Why croquet is a sport which thrives in its contradictions

    The Enduring British Tradition

    Why the Boat Race still captures our interest almost two centuries on