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Charlie Hancock

Editor in Chief, Hilary 2022. Reading Human Sciences at Hertford College.

Stock should speak at the Union, says Rishi Sunak

The row over Kathleen Stock’s invitation to speak at the Oxford Union has made it to Downing Street, as Rishi Sunak told The Telegraph...

Strikes to hit Oxford University for three days in late November

The union says the disruption can be avoided if Universities meet their demands. The walkouts could escalate a marking and assessment boycott in the new year if no progress is made.

Special report: Colleges to raise rates by up to 13% amidst cost-of-living crisis

As students pay their battels for Michaelmas Term, they will be faced with increased costs for accommodation as the cost of living crisis bites....

Muse ‘Will of The People’ Review : My expectations were low, and yet…

"Well done to the boys for trying to write about such a serious subject. I just wish the music didn’t sound like it belongs on Scooby Doo."

Entire cohort of medics forced to resit exam after alleged cheating

Medical students entering their sixth and final year have learned they will all have to resit one of their exams after the Proctors Office was alerted to allegations that some students had cheated. All marks from the examination have been wiped, as the integrity of the examination was called into question

Trashing: Only Eight Students Fined Despite Promised Crack-Down

“You will be fined” if you’re caught trashing, was the message from Oxford University to students planning to celebrate the end of their exams...

Linacre name change donation under government investigation

A £155 million donation to Linacre College from a Vietnamese billionaire is under investigation by the UK government over concerns about the donor’s links to the Communist government of Vietnam.

President Zelensky to address Oxford students

Students at Oxford University will be among those able to attend a virtual address by President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine on June 10th.

‘You know that you’re witnessing history’: CNN’s Clarissa Ward at the Union

“Not only do you know that you’re witnessing history,” she said, recalling the first attack on Kharkiv. “You know that you can’t fully get your arms around everything that’s happening. But you also know that your only job is to be on air and describe what you’re seeing.”

No-confidence motion in SU Vice President passes first reading

A motion of no confidence in the Student Union’s Welfare and Equal Opportunities Officer has passed its first reading at the Student Council, with 25 votes in favour out of 36. If the motion passes its second reading in Seventh Week, a referendum of students would be called Ninth Week.

Government cuts ties with NUS over ‘antisemitic rot’

After a series of scandals, the government has cut all ties with the National Union of Students (NUS), accusing it of having “antisemitic rot at its heart”.

Thousands demand Oxford Union no-platforms Afghan politician

A petition demanding that the Oxford Union cancels a speaker event featuring a prominent Afghan politician who fled the country after the Taliban gained power has received over 10,000 signatures.

2023 English finals to be open-book

While many parts of Oxford life have transitioned back to a state of pre-Pandemic normality, the English Faculty has announced that the majority of...

Hertford cat defies Exeter Library ban

There appear to be no signs of a détente between Simpkin IV of Hertford College and Walter of Exeter, as Simpkin has been spotted in the Exeter College Library two weeks after he was banned from the premises.