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    2022 – A Year in Review

    Oli takes a look back on our coverage of 2022 with contributions from the team.


    • Pakistan floods – If thousands dying in yet more catastrophic weather events isn’t enough to wake our politicians up to the real dangers of climate change then I don’t know what is.  Unfortunately, the disappointing outcomes of COP 27 later in the year suggest that they are still asleep at the wheel.
      • Ashmeet Bhaumik – “Pakistan was ravaged by flood this past monsoon, with a third of the country underwater and most of the country’s agricultural land laid to waste with it. But apart from the agonising statistics, what is most regrettable is the body politic of the country, which chose to busy itself with the contested removal of a former prime minister, the exposure of private videos of a member of parliament, and the appointment of senior military officers instead of the suffering of millions on the ground.” 

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