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2022 – A Year in Review


  • Fall of Johnson – The month’s flurry of ministerial resignations culminated on the 6th and 7th of July in a series of events that seemed like something out of fiction.  The episode was representative of just how catastrophic and chaotic Johnson’s leadership had become and led to his eventual resignation.  This triggered a brutal leadership contest that showed the divisions within the conservative party to the whole country.  My piece on the runners and riders at the time makes humorous reading now!  Little did we know that there was much more still to come later in the summer…
    • 5th – Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid resign.
    • 6th – Over 60 ministers resign prompting cabinet reshuffle that sees Michelle Donelan become Education Secretary.
    • 7th – Yet more ministers resign, including Donelan. Johnson finally resigns himself.
  • 6th-31st – Women’s Euros
    • Tom Farmer – “The mandem couldn’t bring it home so the girls did”, a slightly drunk man plastered in red and white face paint shouted down a microphone. After 56 years of hurt and disappointment, 2022 was the year England finally won another international football tournament. In many ways, the fact it was the women’s team didn’t make any difference at all. The side played high-quality football, with each player having put in unimaginable work for their whole life leading up to Chloe Kelly’s late winner. However, in other ways, the fact that this was a side of female football players made it altogether different from the success of the men’s side in 1966. For the first time, the media and most of the population finally seemed to accept that the beautiful game is for everyone, not just those who happen to identify a certain way.” 
  • 8th – Shinzo Abe dies – Shinzo Abe passed away with a legacy that divided opinion in Japan and abroad.  Iseult de Mallet Burgess gave her analysis.
  • 12th – Mo Farah revelations – Mo Farah revealed that he had come to the UK after being trafficked.  It was a powerful statement coming at a time when the Conservatives continue to drive a dangerous anti-immigration agenda that only builds on his sporting legacy, as I wrote at the time.
  • 21st – Fall of Draghi – So-called ‘Super Mario’ Draghi fell from power after promising rare political stability for Italy.  I gave my take.

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