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2022 – A Year in Review


  • Fall of Truss – Well that didn’t last long did it?  It was a collapse that pretty much everyone could see coming but still seems insane when you take a step back.  Another month, another Prime Minister, another Chancellor and a whole new cabinet – more embarrassment for Britain.
    • 14th – Kwarteng sacked and replaced by Hunt. Jeremy Hunt looked to steady the markets with a new cautious economic approach.  James Melia joined many in disagreeing with the way in which cuts were made. 
    • 19th – Braverman resigns as Home Secretary after security breach. Physical violence follows in the commons after a de facto confidence vote in the PM. I have never been more disappointed in British politics than when waking up on the morning of 20th October.  There was physical manhandling at the centre of our Parliament in scenes that were more akin to a third-world country than somewhere that likes to think it is a beacon of democracy on the world stage.
    • 20th – Truss finally resigns and becomes the shortest-serving in UK history.
    • 25th – Sunak becomes PM after a much shorter leadership contest.
  • 27th – Elon Musk finally completes Twitter takeover
    • Jack Twyman – “For a man who has been behind several impressive innovative projects from making electric cars mainstream to making self-landing rockets a thing of reality and not just science fiction, Elon’s decision to take over Twitter and tarnish his reputation in one fell swoop can perhaps be blamed on the large sum of personal wealth attributed to his name.”

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