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    2022 – A Year in Review

    Oli takes a look back on our coverage of 2022 with contributions from the team.


    • 5th – UK Local Elections – The Conservative divides showed themselves yet again as discontent swirled on the backbenches against Johnson’s performance.  The man himself of course dismissed the losses and chose to highlight so-called ‘key wins’ in select areas.
    • 14th – Eurovision – Ukraine is announced as the winner, with the United Kingdom in second. – Sam Ryder brilliantly proved that there is no ‘vendetta’ against us from other countries in Eurovision.  The song was good, if not annoyingly catchy, but what a brilliant bloke Ryder showed himself to be.  One of the few people who made me proud of Britain this year as our general international decline continued.
    • 24th – BBC Cuts announced – The BBC announced cuts across the board, including to key services such as BBC World.  I find the move mindboggling and counter-intuitive and wrote about it at the time.
    • 25th – Sue Gray Report – By now we knew most of the details but Gray’s revelations of how cleaning staff were treated during the pandemic inside Number 10 were truly shocking.  The world really got to see just how horrible much of the government was on every level.

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