Monday, May 3, 2021

    Jill Cushen

    Christ Church Cathedral plans to add new accessible entrance

    "The reinstated doorway will provide an accessible route to the burial ground behind the Cathedral, and is part of our commitment at Christ Church to make our historic buildings as accessible as possible for the benefit of students, staff and visitors. All being well, the work will be carried out over the next few months."

    Launch of new student well-being guide

    "I very much hope this guide will reduce anxiety and uncertainty, reassure students that they are not alone in facing these issues, and most importantly that there is always something they can do to help themselves and someone to talk to if it’s all a bit much."

    Material girl: How the pandemic changed the way we shop

    When faced with an uncertain situation we tend to try whatever we can to feel like we have some control. And so, virtual retail therapy and comfort buying provided a sense of control at a time when we felt deprived of so much.

    Colleges announce return policies

    Following the government announcement that students on non-practical courses not already exempt will be unable to return to Oxford until the 17th of May,...