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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Charlie Hancock

Charlie is reading Human Sciences at Hertford College. After working as a News Editor and Deputy Editor, she was co-Editor in Chief with Jill Cushen for HT22.

BREAKING: Rhodes should fall, commission concludes

In a report seen by The Guardian, the commission advised that the College not only removes the statue, but a plaque featuring a portrait of Rhodes on King Edward Street. It also urged the College to publish a statement definitively detailing its association with Rhodes and his legacy.

Broad Street protesters demand a “People’s Vaccine”

The demonstration was part of a “global day of action” organised by the People’s Vaccine Alliance, a “coalition of organisations and activists” who are calling for pharmaceutical companies to share information about how to produce COVID-19 vaccines with laboratories around the world.

Oxford launches study to understand sexual harassment and violence at the University

Every student currently enrolled at the University will receive a confidential and anonymous survey and consent form on May 11th. The results will be used to "build academic understanding" of sexual harassment and violence at the University, and inform their policies and support services in the future.

Landmark Oxford malaria vaccine 77% effective

The vaccine developed by Oxford University in partnership with the Serum Institute of India and Novavax was the first to achieve the efficacy target of at least 75% which was set out by the World Health Organisation.

Counselling demand rose 86% over long vacation

Data released from Oxford University's Student Welfare and Support Services has revealed that demand for its services rose during the 2019-20 academic year. The number of students registered with the Disability Advisory service also rose, continuing a trend observed in preceding years. The Sexual Harassment and Violence Support Service also saw an increase in demand, with the majority of users being female undergraduates.

“Oxford is wilfully complicit in a system which destroys lives”: societies respond to OCJC report

'Common Ground, a student led organisation bringing attention of the University’s colonial past, said: “Climate justice is racial justice, and the university cannot claim to be a ‘climate leader’ or ‘anti-racist’ whilst still having such extensive ties to the fossil fuel industry”.'

Risk of blood clots from COVID-19 seven times higher than from vaccines

'The Head of the Transneural Biology Group at Oxford University, Professor Paul Harrison, said: “We’ve reached two important conclusions. Firstly, COVID-19 markedly increases the risk of CVT, adding to the list of blood clotting problems this infection causes. Secondly, the COVID-19 risk is higher than we see with the current vaccines, even for those under 30; something that should be taken into account when considering the balances between risks and benefits for vaccination”.'

Antigua and Barbuda asks All Souls for reparations

"The proposed reparations would take the form of the creation of a scholarship to the college for “eligible Antiguans and Barbudans”, and donations to the Five Islands (Antigua) campus of the University of the West Indies”.

PresCom ask that colleges allow standardised self-certification to return

"As adults from a variety of backgrounds who have all faced different experiences of the pandemic, students themselves are at best placed to decide if returning is the most appropriate option for them...As representatives of our JCRs, we know of circumstances where students have not wanted to disclose particularly sensitive information (despite the confidentiality of the process) which created a barrier preventing some students who nonetheless need to return for the sake of their wellbeing."

Oxford JCRs launch campaign for the return of students

Nadia Hassan, President of the Trinity College JCR, started the petition to bring attention to the frustrations felt by many students. She told Cherwell: "Considering the anger and upset that many students are feeling across I thought it would be the best way of uniting students under one cause and getting the national student voice heard".

Oxford societies criticise Sewell Report as “misleading and false”

Several Oxford societies have joined the criticism from academics and campaigners surrounding the release of a government report into institutional racism in the UK....

EU countries resume administering Oxford vaccine with EMA backing

The EMA concluded that the vaccine was not associated with an increased risk of blood clots. They added they would continue to investigate whether the vaccine was associated with CVST caused by low platelet counts.

University updates guidance for Easter vacation travel

In an email sent to students, the University said that the decision to leave their term time address is one for "students to take based on their individual circumstances". However, the Government still advises that students remain in their term time accommodation "where possible".

Colleges announce vacation policies

In emails seen by Cherwell, colleges have outlined their policies for students who are resident in college at the end of Hilary term. In line with government guidance, students who wish to return home for the vacation may do so provided they have an exemption under government guidance.