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Anya Biletsky

Inside the Oxford fashion scene: the Fashion Gala designers

'I spoke to some of the Fashion Gala designers, who told me about their background in the world of fashion and design, their pieces for this year’s gala, and where they find their inspiration.'

Review of PAMFIR: ‘A raw and unpretentious thriller’

The sounds of heavy breathing and rustling form the first few seconds of Pamfir, the debut feature film of Ukrainian director Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk. These...

“Buy less, choose well” – the return of the Oxford Fashion Gala

'This Trinity, the Fashion Gala is back, for a reprise on an evening of patchwork, glamour and campiness, all within walking distance of the RadCam.'

“A thrilling look into disjunctive relationships”: Fêtid Review

"Morgan’s multi-faceted script offers a combination of dark comedy and depth which keeps the audience consistently intrigued."

Art is a form of “resistance”: In conversation with Liu Wei at the Oxford Union

Pioneering artist Liu Wei gave an exclusive interview at the Oxford Union as part of the Union’s Michaelmas Art Festival on the weekend of...

“Refreshingly ambiguous” – Review of Wishbone

"Wishbone offers an insightful and tender portrayal of the complicated emotions tied up in a relationship".

Prêt for Prêt

"Aside from being a place to caffeinate, Prêt has become a camouflaged Cupid, an uncharted Tinder."

A guide to Oxford’s libraries

"Part of the excitement of going to uni here is being able to access some truly beautiful study spaces, so do make the most of it!"

Packing: too much or too little?

"You are lugging into your accommodation a suitcase that is so heavy it seems you have packed enough bricks to build a two-storey semi-detached."

St Benet’s Hall buildings to be vacated as students lament loss of “lovely community”

St Benet’s Hall announced via an email to students on 2nd June that the Hall’s buildings are to be vacated by October 2022. The email,...

“Rage and heartbreak” – Review: Medea

"[Medea] is a truly frightening figure as she stalks the quad, coming right up to the audience and looking them in the eye as she delivers some of the most acerbic lines of the play."

In conversation with the creatives behind Top Girls

"Every play Caryl Churchill writes has revolutionised theatre."

“Sorrow and birthday cake” – Review: Mojo

"Emotions collide and coalesce to heart-stopping effect, reflecting the disturbing inevitability of the chaos caused when drugs and fear mingle."

“Why am I the one on trial?” – Review: Prima Facie

"The woman who once vociferously defended the judicial system comes to the realisation that the concept of justice is merely an ideal, which in reality is often unattainable, especially for women."