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Mark Barclay

Review: I Nominate

A promising premise missing direction

Review: Beachcombing

Mark Barclay is entranced by this reflective studio play

Preview: Beachcombing

Mark Barclay takes a look at this meditative new play from a rising star of the Oxford drama scene

Preview: Creditors

How to untangle Strindberg

A view from the cheap seat

The Oxford theatre establishment gets sued...

The big theatrical gamble

Mark Barclay discusses the many highs and lows of studio theatre

Review: The Whitworth Gallery

Mark Barclay visits new exhibitions in Manchester's most prestigious art gallery


Mark Barclay finds this Channel 4 film pits power against principle to dramatic but disenfranchising effect

Review: Mark Knopfler – Tracker

Mark Barclay is disappointed by Knopfler's good but predictable album

The review club: filthy, spoiled, rotten

A look at the dark side of the Oxford drama world

Review: Future Brown – Future Brown

Mark Barclay is underwhelmed by the debut album of the 'super' group Future Brown

Review: King Lear

Mark Barclay reviews this original, cinematic reinvention of one of Shakespeare's greatest tragedies

Oxford International Art Fair

Mark Barclay is seriously unimpressed with both paintings and prices

Review – Kingsman: The Secret Service

Mark Barclay struggles to decipher Kingsman: The Secret Service