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Mark Barclay

Michaelmas Highlights

All the latest gossip on what's hot on the Oxford stage this term

Remembrance of theatre past

Mark Barclay wistfully recalls the idealism of freshers’ week

Why social media doesn’t promote social justice

Mark Barclay argues that social media ultimately fails to tackle the world's problems

Was Cumberbatch right?

Mark Barclay asks why nobody questioned Benedict's latest outburst

Video and Theatre

Mark Barclay explores the possibility of a symbiosis of video and theatre - or an invasion of one by the other

Teenage flicks right through the night

Marc Barclay questions how exactly adolescent audiences are keeping cinemas open in the dark days of piracy and Netflix

Review: Oxford Revue

This is not intentionally meta

Experimental Theatre Club

Words Words Words

Preview: Twelfth Night

An intriguing reinterpretation of a Shakespeare classic

Preview: Yesterday

Mark Barclay sees potential greatness for this piece of new writing

Review: Punk Rock

Mark Barclay enjoys this gritty if slightly exaggerated school play

Preview: Elephants

Mark Barclay savours this bitchy domestic drama

OBA’s Easter Screening Recap

Mark Barclay recaps Oxford Broadcasting Association’s Easter Film Screening

Review: The Real Thing

A triumph for garden postmodernity