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Mark Barclay

Review: Copenhagen

Mark Barclay tackles quantum theory and self referentiality at the Pilch

Review: A Midsummer Night’s Dream – OUDS Summer Tour

Mark Barclay loses himself in the OUDS Summer Tour production in London

Escher and the contradiction

Mark Barclay surveys the first ever Escher retrospective

Proximity: Review

Cherwell has a convert to contemporary dance

Preview: Proximity

Mark Barclay tries to hide the fact he's a terrible dancer with fancy words

Review: Breathing Corpses

Mark Barclay admires the ambition of this innovative production

Somerville fights gender binaries

JCR passes provisional motion to replace ‘he’/’she’ with ‘they’

Review: Pentecost

Mark Barclay wishes more productions go where this one dares to go

Review: If Alice

Mark Barclay reviews his favourite show of the term this far

A view from the Cheap Seat- Third Week MT 15

'Youth... a time when an actor becomes an actor' - except if you are Cherwell Stage Critic Mark Barclay

Profile: Ingrid Betancourt

Mark Barclay explores the life of the Colombian politician Ingrid Betancourt

Ruffian on the Stair

Mark Barclay is amused and appalled. Which is the right response?

A View From the Cheap Seat

Failed Actor, Super Bitch critic Mark Barclay takes us through second week's theatrical offerings

A View from the cheap seats

List of potential plays for MT15, notes