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    Helen Thomas

    Buried treasure: why do museums hide gems?

    Helen Thomas discusses the Victoria and Albert Museum and hidden artefacts in its collections

    May Balls: Expectation vs Reality

    They're cold, uncomfortable, and the cocktails aren't even that great.

    Interview: Ian McKellen

    Ian McKellen talks elitism, Downton Abbey and Stonewall with Helen Thomas

    Interview: Nick Mirsky

    Helen Thomas talks Channel 4, Louis Theroux and Benefits Street with their Head of Documentaries, Nick Mirsky

    Where Are They Now: Asher Roth

    Cherwell delves into the later careers of one-hit-wonders so you don’t have to

    Amelia Hamer removed as Oxford Student Editor

    Amelia Hamer, Editor of the Oxford Student, has been fired by the OUSU OSSL board

    10 things that happen in your first week at Oxford

    Here's one for all the freshers out there. I bet a bag of Tesco's cookies that you'll experience at least three of these

    Brookes beat Jesus College in University Challenge round one

    Oxford Brookes beat the team from Jesus College in the first round of Season 2014/2015 of University Challenge.

    Where Are They Now: Westlife

    The boys from Ireland had a career of ups and downs before packing it in for good in 2012

    Review: tUnE-yArDs – Nikki Nack

    As ambitious with new sounds as with breaking the rules of spelling, punctuation, and grammar for album titles, Merrill Garbus AKA tUnE-yArDs delivers a promising release in Nikki Nack

    Where Are They Now: Chumbawumba

    Despite a career of varied music-making with a political charge, Chumbawumba were ultimately only known for their 1997 hit 'Tubthumping'

    Where are they now: Crazy Town

    A group that managed to be loud, annoying, and orange simultaneously

    Review: Cher Lloyd – Sorry I’m Late

    Cher Lloyd's back with a vengeance, and with none of the ASDA bling from her X-Factor days

    Review: Hercules & Love Affair – The Feast of The Broken

    Helen Thomas is tapping her toes with delight at this the New York-based DJ's latest effort