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    David Lawton

    Getting it right: political commentary and rap

    David Lawton highlights the political potential of rap, and consigns folk and punk to the dustbin of history

    A dark trend in music documentaries

    David Lawton argues that the rebirth of the tortured artist’s image in music documentaries exploits pain

    Willie Healey: star in the making

    A true Oxford homeboy, most of Willie J Healey’s music videos comprise, as someone at Zappi’s once told me, of him “pissing around on...

    Hollywood: Beyond the Pale?

    David Lawton feels it’s time to reject Hollywood’s regime of systematic oppression once and for all

    OUSU responds to higher education reform

    Opposition to government cuts and green paper expressed at council meeting

    Junior doctors’ strike comes to Oxford

    Protesters gather outside Broad Street to protest proposed changes

    Students hold vigil in response to Syria air strike decision

    Groups including Rhodes Must Fall and CRAE collaborate to organise vigil in solidarity with Syrian and Iraqi citizens on Cornmarket

    ‘Joke’ motion takes Merton north

    Merton JCR has voted to affiliate themselves with Sheffield SU

    The Cult of the MacBook

    David Lawton argues that the omnipresence of the MacBook reflects the privileged nature of Oxford University

    ‘Midget Night Bridge’ condemned

    The Bridge nightclub host controversial club night for the second time despite criticism

    Mental health slate to run in OUSU elections

    Jack Hampton pushes for action on student welfare crisis

    Student jailed over assault in Plush last year

    Abdulrahman Abdelsalam, who had been studying Law at LMH, was sentenced last week to nine months in prison for assaulting another student in Plush in March 2014

    Cafe Coco in "racist" poster controversy with students

    The management of Cafe Coco, Cowley Road, has attracted sustained student criticism from students over the content of a vintage poster

    Row over Pride London’s ‘corporatisation’ erupts

    Oxford University Student Union's LGBTQ campaign criticises Pride London for becoming “an advertising platform for multinational companies”