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‘Joke’ motion takes Merton north

At Merton’s latest JCR meeting, a motion was passed proposing to affiliate Merton JCR with the Sheffield Students’ Union. Sheffield was allegedly picked at random, because it seemed far away.

The motion was proposed after the annual motion to re-affiliate Merton JCR to OUSU. What apparently began as a ‘joke motion’ picked up unexpected momentum and was passed as a serious motion, with the support of several members of the JCR.

Hamish Forbes, a Mertonian present at the meeting, told Cherwell, “It started as a joke, mainly just to see what would happen if we tried to affiliate elsewhere. After great arguments in proposition such as Sheffield’s high tree-to-people ratio and being the place The Full Monty is set, the JCR was convinced.”

President of Merton JCR, Will Tilston, explained to Cherwell that “two of our third years, who as you can understand, are hilarious, thought it would be a good idea to propose affiliating to Sheffield SU as well. It was intended as a joke, but managed to pick up unexpected momentum, partly because it seemed fairly harmless, and partly, I suspect, because at least one of the proposers was humourously tipsy.

“Mertonians had decided that one student union clearly was not enough.”

Rhys Clyne, another student at the meeting, told Cherwell that in “a moment of collective absent-mindedness” they accidently affiliated to Sheffield Students’ Union. He added that, “I could not possibly comment on the logic of the JCR in passing this absurd motion, though I see no practical implications beyond some sort of potential crewdate; apparently their SU bar is very impressive.

“I suppose we did not want to be pigeon-holed as OUSU-exclusive.”

It seems, however, that the practical outcomes of this motion will be limited. Tilston also stated, “In terms of repercussions, I am yet to delve into the issue but it is likely that it is unconstitutional so no further action will be taken. I have now been contacted by the Sheffield Student Union President who was notified of our motion by writers of this very publication – they know that it was all harmless fun, though I suspect the proposers of the motion will try to wangle a night out in Sheffield, hosted by their SU, for their efforts.”

Indeed, news of the motion has reached the Sheffield Students’ Union. Christy McMorrow, the president of Sheffield SU, told Cherwell, “while this is clearly an amusing motion, we’re not surprised that Merton College JCR voted to affiliate with us. After all, who wouldn’t want to be part of the Number 1 rated Students’ Union in the country!”

“We hope Merton will be in touch, and would encourage any undergraduates there to come and join us as a postgraduate given your clear admiration for the SU.”

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