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Wednesday, March 22nd

Profile: Ian Hislop

Ian Hislop on keeping people angry and a new era for satire

Letting out ‘The Monster’: modern drag at Oxford

Laela Zaidi dives into Oxford's queer subculture: modern drag at Haute Mess and student drag princes

One thing I’d change about Oxford… academic freedom

Michael Shao wishes that there was a little more choice in papers beyond one's chosen subject

Growing up in the segregated South during the Civil Rights era

Carolina Earle talks to Joe Martin about his experiences of growing up in Little Rock, and the search for equality

Shedding light on the star of cell biology

Calum Stephenson looks into the role of GFP in the laboratory and highlights its deep-sea origins

Oxford iGEM team goes to Royal Society’s conference

Zoe Catchpole provides a summary of ‘Synthetic biology: does industry get it?’, with the global leaders of the new field speaking on bacterial perfume, directed evolution, and biocomputing

Is May following Trump’s model?

Samantha Novak worries that Theresa May is using the shock of Trump for her own isolationist agenda

Who will represent France in a new world order?

Emily Dillistone assesses the presidential candidates in an election epitomising the trying times in Europe

SeXX-based cancer

Elena Zanchini di Castiglionchio on the genetic and hormonal basis of sex differences in cancer

Can we measure free will?

Tracking brain activity has called the essence of free will into question, says Johanne Nedergård

Why AFC Wimbledon is the people’s answer to modern football

George Steijger writes that AFC Wimbledon's recent win over MK Dons was a victory for football fans

Government plans to protect freedom of speech in universities

Jo Johnson outlines plans to protect freedom of speech in universities, in light of increasing censorship

Oxford students charged £92,254 in overdue library fines in 2015-16

News figures revealed by Freedom of Information request

Survey finds Oxford students hardest working and most miserable in UK

Nearly a quarter of students in Oxford say they regret enrolling

Exeter College’s Cohen Quad formally opened

Delays in building work saw 86 students moved into hotels, but Cohen Quad is now formally open.