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Laurence Cooke

The Oxford Imps Game Show (Live) review: ‘If improv is risky, here you’re in safe hands’

The Oxford Imps Game Show was both hilarious and wacky, the two hosts playing with improvisation extremely well.

How to fund a university

"The world’s number one ranked university in thrall to one man."

Not all made equal: Why your college really matters

Students need a more ambitious package of measures that would lead the central university to force colleges to help each other out where necessary. Until then, as the gap between endowments grows, the ‘Oxbridge experience’ will mean increasingly different things for different students. The college system should be a strength of Oxbridge, not its weakness.

Sleepy Joe or Demagogue Donald: America’s choice

The world cannot afford a second term of Donald Trump.

‘Frost/Nixon’ by St John’s Drama Society – Review 

"Rohan Joshi is a star turn as President Nixon. His wounded gait, booming American accent, and measured pace of delivery kept the audience rapt."

Wilders’ far-right runs riot: a sign of European divide or a chance to reunite?

European unity – and with it solidarity with Ukraine – is running out of supporters.