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Roy Shinar Cohen

Has the term democracy lost its meaning?

“Democracy” covers all that is deemed good, so any regime that wants to increase its legitimacy will bend logical definitions to prove itself.

Malala Yousafzai unveils scholarship for Palestinian graduates at Oxford University

Malala Yousafzai has unveiled a new graduate scholarship for Palestinian students at the University of Oxford. In her speech announcing the scholarship, she said:...

Oxford graduates earn more than other universities

Newly released figures show that University of Oxford graduates earn more than those from other universities. Department for Education figures reveal that Oxford graduates...

Oxford Councillors support OA4P arrested protesters

Three Oxford city councillors of the Oxford Community Independents have published a statement in support of Oxford Action for Palestine (OA4P). Councillors Edward Mundy,...

Oxford researchers test AI tool to treat depression

A team of Oxford researchers are testing an Artificial Intelligence algorithm to help treat depression. The system, known as PETRUSHKA, aims to personalise antidepressant...

Oxford History Professor donates prize money to the Ukrainian Army

Oxford history professor, Timothy Garton Ash, was recently awarded the prestigious Lionel Gelber Prize 2024 and donated his prize money to the Ukrainian army....

An activist’s philosophy: Words matter, but actions matter more

The War in the Gaza Strip has been going on for over seven months. In this time, it has cost the lives of over...

Oxford pays full-time lecturers higher than nearly all Russell Group Universities

New data reveals Oxford University is one of the best paying Russell Group universities. The University ranks sixth for percentage of full-time academics paid...

Who are Trump and Biden speaking to?

We should keep in mind when reading about American politics, who the candidates are trying to convince (or scare) in order to win. That is, in most cases, why they are saying what they are saying.

EDI report reveals only one in three Oxford academics are women

The new University equality and diversity report shows women make up only one in three Oxford academics. The workforce is significantly more diverse in...

Why you should be political

Many of us have been told that the only political thing we must always do, and the most important thing we can do, is...

Navalny: Man, Symbol, Martyr

"The Kremlin claims Navalny suffered sudden death syndrome, but his body is still being held, making it impossible to investigate independently."

“Godfather of AI” gives lecture on AI and its risks at the Sheldonian Theatre

Geoffrey Hinton CC, FRS, FRSC, a Canadian-British computer scientist and cognitive psychologist known as the “Godfather of AI,” gave the annual Romanes lecture entitled on 19 February. The lecture was titled “Will Digital Intelligence Replace Biological Intelligence?” 

A crash course in British politics: What does the public care about? (Week 7)

So, the voters are quite clear – the economy, immigration and healthcare services are generally most important to them.