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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Science & Technology

Generation Sharent: Are Hyper-Exposed Children the Price of Social Media Fame?

"While parents' desire to share the lives of their little ones are often borne out of the best intentions, a child’s right to determine the course of their lives on their own terms, on-and-offline, should take precedence."

Meta-perverse: on the inherent misogyny of the technology and gaming industry

"Despite voicing intent to take action, the victim-blaming of female beta testers in the metaverse only echoes Facebook’s inherent misogyny that, unlike their re-brand, has not been resolved."

Broader system challenges for net-zero energy transition

"Despite the availability of technologies and abundance of resources, the net zero ambition remains far from realisation – this shows that technical restructuring is likely not the main obstacle hindering energy transitions."

Could the pandemic get worse, again? And can we anticipate the future of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, or of any organism?

"Fitness landscapes appear everywhere from the social sciences to string theory/cosmology, and is arguably one of the most powerful tools in science to conceive of problems with large spaces."

Pig transplants: the science behind the dilemma

"David Bennett is perhaps a name you’ve heard quite frequently since the last week or so. On the 7th of January 2022, he became the first man in the world to successfully receive a transplant of a pig’s heart."

Drawn to Nature: Flies

Animals come in many shapes and sizes, none more so than flies. There are flies that mimic other species, flies with incredible iridescent bodies,...

Vaccine Distribution: EU vs UK

Back in April 2020, the number of COVID-19 deaths in the UK reached over 350 people per million – about twice as high as...

“Not just a headache” – what migraines feel like and their impact

"A migraine is usually identified by a moderate or severe throbbing pain on one side of the head. It is a complex condition with a wide variety of symptoms, including sensitivities to light or sound."

How COVID-19 can affect your toes and skin

""COVID toes" are a dermatological symptom of COVID-19. They resemble chilblains”, which are red or purplish swellings one may experience if hands or feet are exposed to the cold for too long."

It’s time for contraceptive justice

Pharmaceutical companies should push against unsubstantiated and outdated ideas about a lack of demand for long-term male contraception.

Science Snippet: Analysis of COVID-19 symptoms on twitter

"Researchers from the University of Utah examined twitter posts from early April 2020 (and) found references to 36 other unique symptoms, including 3 898 cases of the now well documented symptom of loss of taste."

An Illustration of Human Memory with Inside Out

"How accurate is this depiction of memory? It turns out Inside Out is a lot more reliable than you might think."

The diverse challenges of energy transitions worldwide

"It is time to stop the blame game and recognise the need for international cooperation to achieve energy transition and collectively mitigate climate change."

COVID-19 immunity passports: a fair policy?

"If we have sufficient evidence to support the hypothesis of developed immunity, then the policy of immunity passports should be seriously considered. "

Multi-factor authentication – why it’s more than just extra effort

"Instead of just using one method of authentication, MFA requires at least two factors to prove the users identity from a combination of these elements below, so that the attacker won’t be able to gain access to the user’s account even if they’ve cracked the user’s passcode!"

Review: The Social Dilemma

"The Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma, depicts the rise of social media and personalised online services. Deeply unnerving, it shows us not only their power over each and every one of us, but also their damage to society."

Introducing the UK Emissions Trading System

"As part of the UK government’s “Energy White Paper” released in December, the UK has unveiled its own Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), ... a mechanism used to reduce CO2 (or equivalent) emissions."

The bloody problem of PMS research

"Women have historically been side-lined from medical attention at a greater degree than men and there is little known about the premenstrual syndrome (PMS)."

What does the climate crisis mean for global health?

"It’s clear that the World Health Organisation were right to declare climate change one of the major health challenges of the 21st century."

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