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Behind the Screens: the thankless job of editing

CW: Mentions of suicide In a previous Cherwell column, I wrote that cinematographers manipulate an audiences’ viewpoint. If that is the case, then editors are the Thanos to the cinematographer’s...

Will Neill’s Real Deal: The Decline and Fall of Boris Johnson

This has been a bizarre week for Boris Johnson. I appreciate that this is...

Auntythetical: The pressure of the dreaming spires

Everything that I thought made me worthy of being here, that I fought to read and learn alongside my studies, feels insignificant

Auntythetical: Being stuck in the middle

The ostracism I felt had forced me to choose between my identity and the chance to have friends.

Behind the Screens: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Referencing in Film

Referencing in Hollywood is a bit like a currency at the moment; writers can...

The Watched Pot: On the joys of truffle hunting

Every time you go to the supermarket, open a cookbook or go on social media, you are absorbing contemporary food culture and it’s influencing...

Hysterical Histories: Horrid Henry VI

October 2021 will mark the 550th anniversary of one of the most bizarre, yet relatively unknown, events in human history: the restoration of Henry...

Will Neill’s Real Deal: Tory Conference and the Politics of Inhumanity

Week one of Michaelmas term, and Freshers Flu has swept through Oxford like a tsunami. Hacking coughs, snotty noses, and cold sweats are currently...

Behind the Screens: Power, Sex, and the Male Gaze in Cinematography

As the camera decides how the audience is to feel about certain events and characters, it is certainly not a neutral agent.

Out of the Frame: Botticelli’s La Primavera

Approaching the end of term and after a period of delay, spring has finally sprung. It is a time of the year which is...

The Undercurrent: Miffed monarchists march on Magdalen

It’s exhausting for normal students who just want to get on with our lives without provoking adult men into social media hissy-fits every time we move a muscle.

Cher-ity Corner: Oxford Pink Week

“Our key mission is to get people talking about breast cancer, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. By normalising the conversations about breast cancer, we can encourage people to check themselves and potentially save lives if abnormalities are caught quickly.”

Cher-ity Corner: Target Schools Oxford

“Target Schools is Oxford SU's home of student-led access work, with the overall aim of widening participation and improving access to higher education (specifically to Oxford) for students from under-represented backgrounds.”

Out of the Frame: Gericault’s Raft of the Medusa

The act of representing the truth is something which is made more complicated than it needs to be: we post pictures of ourselves after...

The Undercurrent: Oriel’s blue-worthy mental gymnastics on Rhodes

My working theory is that this is Oriel’s last, desperate attempt to shut students up by literally stunning them into silence.

WATCH3WORDS: The Father – Moving.Bleak.Blue

'The take is an original one, but the result is often jarring. At times, the film feels more like a subdued horror with the jump-scares replaced by time-jumps, time-loops, and figures mysteriously appearing from previously empty rooms.'

The Undercurrent: Student Union election time!

One lucky candidate will become our new supreme leader on Thursday night, assuming charge of a groaning bureaucracy that claims to run everything that happens in Oxford while giving off the unnerving impression that it does absolutely nothing

Cher-ity Corner: Jacari Oxford

"Jacari's vision is a society where young people from all backgrounds have the confidence and language skills to achieve their full potential."

Out of the Frame: Holbein’s The Ambassadors

Just as the modern media exploit images to convey particular themes and rouse responses, the painters of the past were careful in choosing what...

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