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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Various contributors

Bridgerton: blunders amidst beauty

Bridgerton is neither ground-breaking nor deeply thought-provoking but nevertheless charming and oh-so pretty to watch.

Fashion forecast: what fresh fits will define 2021?

Pandemic attire may have been extremely comfortable, but its time in the spotlight should end.

Winter wardrobe essentials

The only possible way to remedy the shortened days and Tupperware skies of winter is to imagine yourself as a sexy, mysterious, no-time-for-your-bullshit, French woman striding around snowy Paris.

The U.S. election: three students’ perspective

"Joe Biden’s victory is a declaration in favor of science, competence, experience, empathy, and unification. However, the break was anything but clean: a razor-thin margin split blue and red on Election Day."

Do we prefer man-made disasters to natural ones?

Amid the chaos of frightening facts and deadly conspiracy theories, we ask: do we prefer man-made disasters to natural ones? You've given us some...

SHORTS: The Future of the Climate Movement

With empty roads and not a plane in sight some might see global lockdown as a quick-fix to the climate crisis. How can the...

Shorts: The world after Covid-19

1. Jed Burkat (Brasenose) Slavoj Zizek, beloved pop-culture icon and philosopher, has called Coronavirus a ‘perfect storm’ which ‘gives a new chance for Communism’ in Europe in...