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Molly Innes

Stop Hiding, Oxford: why the university should not have delayed its access report

In a ridiculous but not unsurprising turn of events, Oxford University has delayed its annual access report. The reasoning for delaying the report was given...

Universities need to close the access gap

The Office for Students have released a report on university admissions and access. The report, titled ‘Transforming opportunity in higher education’ comes following research...


Last week climate protesters occupied St John’s College front quad, in response to the college’s refusal to divest from their fossil fuel endowment.  St John’s...

in Full: Oxford University announces new BAME data

Oxford University have announced their 2019 BAME undergraduate intake statistics. The 2019 intake of students from Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds was more...

BREAKING: Oxford announces record state school offers

Oxford University has announced that more than 69% of undergraduate offers have been made to students attending state schools. The increase of 4.6% is...

This Is What Happens When Students Play At Politicians

Molly Innes takes the Union to task over this term's horrifying farce

This Way Up (2019)- Review

Content Warning: Mental Health/ Depression/ Suicide.

Female Comedians Finding the Funny in the Filth

The term ‘female comedians’ is a, well, funny one. Should we still be so insistently adding the ‘female’ part? Female comedians are comedians. But...

Leave her alone!

Whilst the media are free to report on events as they do, the practice of giving media space and attention to Markle’s father and other family members highlights a darker side to news which we should be avoiding, not encouraging by reading and watching it.

Music and the Comeback Kids

Molly Innes discusses the art of the comeback, the “reunion” cash cow, and throwback culture

Oxbridge must take responsibility for ‘systemic’ access issues

A centralised admissions system and greater contextualisation could offer a solution

Perceptions of the monstrous

Molly Innes looks at artistic representations of monstrosity and self

The ‘best’ cannot mean the most exclusive

The UK’s least socially inclusive university is in need of radical admissions reform

A Doll’s House preview – ‘a beautiful play to watch’

An intimate cast, toxic relationships, and powerful dialogue magnify a society on the cusp of sexual revolution