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    Maya Little

    Cleverly Captured Vulnerability in ‘Normal People’

    When I first read Normal People, it was the unwavering emotional rigour of the prose that got to me. Rooney has this matter-of-fact way...

    Just a Crush?

    How Tessa Violet's 'Bad Ideas' and Mitski's 'Be the Cowboy' are changing the portrayal of romance in pop

    Brink Review – ‘brilliant from start to finish’

    Nitrous Cow Productions' new play has a high standard of acting and great technical sophistication

    The Squirrel Plays Review – ‘carried off with subtlety and aplomb’

    Tenderness and humour emerge from a play that challenges a sobering subject

    Why ‘The Polar Express’ is a creepy Christmas classic

    Despite its peculiarities 'The Polar Express' might be the most magical Christmas film of all