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    Maxim Parr-Reid

    Reflections of a soon-to-be finalist

    Going into your final year at university can feel like a big change, but being a finalist doesn't mean you can't have any fun

    Oxford should not bear all the blame for its access problem

    It was recently revealed that only 2.8% of Oxford’s intake for 2018 will come from areas defined as the most difficult to engage in higher education

    How to: ace the vac

    It's less about revision and more about cultivating a refined online presence

    The college system defines the Oxford experience – it must remain in place

    Maxim Parr-Reid argues that a college was his first and only way to make sense of Oxford

    University Challenge – the insider’s story

    Maxim Parr-Reid shines light on his experiences on this year's University Challenge

    We can scrutinise without abusing

    It’s important to reject personal attacks on politicians, but holding these same politicians to account is important for our democracy

    Misleading media coverage of Oxford must stop

    Maxim Parr-Reid considers the impact sensationalist articles have on access at the University

    Labour is dominating social media ahead of election, Oxford researchers find

    39.7 per cent of party-specific tweets have been directed at Labour

    St Hugh’s JCR votes for “the alpacas this college deserves”

    The motion stated that “alpacas are fluffy and cute and adorable and basically represent everything good in this world”

    C+: Who has been protested at the Oxford Union, and why?

    C+ looks back at recent speakers who have been met by student demonstrations and demands to "no-platform"

    In conversation with Jacob Williams, of ‘Open Oxford’ and ‘No Offence’

    Maxim Parr-Reid interviews the founder of one of Oxford's most notorious student publications

    General Election will be battle of “life and death”, says Sanders

    Brother of former US presidential candidate to stand in Oxford East, as Greens withdraw bid for Oxford West

    University under fire for “Orwellian” guidance report

    The University have since apologised for their "mistake" in claiming that avoiding eye-contact may be a sign of racism

    UK should follow Canada’s cannabis lead

    Legalisation is smart and only a matter of time—Trudeau's move is a gutsy but good one, argues Maxim Parr-Reid