Ted Malloch, an academic who is said to be in line for the post of United States ambassador to the European Union, is accused of falsely claiming Oxford College fellowships.

A number of claims made in Malloch’s CV and his autobiography Davos, Aspen & Yale are disputed.

Blackfriars, the Dominican PPH, told Cherwell that: “In publicity statements about Professor Ted Malloch, he is described as a Research Fellow of Blackfriars at Oxford University.”

“Professor Malloch was teaching at the Saïd Business School and was looking for an affiliation with an Oxford College or Permanent Private Hall.

“We sent him a letter offering him the position of Research Fellow from 2014, but never received a reply.

“To our knowledge, he has not visited Blackfriars since the offer was made”.

Malloch has also claimed that he was a fellow at Wolfson and Pembroke Colleges, Oxford. Both institutions deny such an affiliation.

Pembroke College provided the following statement to Cherwell: “There is no record of Professor Ted Malloch having held a College fellowship or associateship at Pembroke College.”

Wolfson College states: “In publicity statements about, and by, Professor Ted Malloch, he is described as having been a ‘Senior Fellow of Wolfson College’. This is inaccurate.”

Another claim is that he was a “professor” at Saïd Business School. In fact, Malloch was a senior fellow on a short-term appointment. Said Business School told Cherwell that: “Ted Malloch was on a short-term appointment and his title during this period was Senior Fellow in Management Practice.”

Henley Business School, at Reading University, revealed to Cherwell that: “Professor Ted Malloch currently works with Prof Andrew Kakabadse developing a board leaders programme.”

In recent days, the American professor has hit back at his critics, saying it was akin to an “assassination attempt” against him.

Mr Malloch said: “They are trying to get at Trump by launching a hit on me, by trying to discredit me because they think that will kill off my chance of becoming the next US ambassador to the EU.”

Ted Malloch told Cherwell that he had “nothing else to add”.

Economics and managment student Justin Wang commented: “Obviously, the falsifying of credentials is wrong.

“If his claims of working at Oxford are confirmed to be untrue, then Malloch should be reprimanded.

“However, just like how the fact that Senator Elizabeth Warren may have lied about her Native American heritage to help her get into college does not disqualify her from public office, the same standard ought to apply for Malloch.”

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