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    John Maier

    Interview: A.C. Grayling

    John Maier in conversation with A.C. Grayling about New Atheism, analytic philosophy, and the EU

    “When a film depends on siamese stories in the way this one does, it is often hard to keep the whole thing alive”

    John Maier finds Tom Ford's re-released second film 'Nocturnal Animals' stylish but confused

    University responds as Iffley Open House claim former power station

    Oxford University seek possession order on Power Station at Osney due to concerns for safety

    Somerville’s dank memes

    Somerville JCR vote to attract attention to their JCR bulletin with the use of memes

    Interview: Peter Hitchens

    John Maier talks to Peter Hitchens about Theresa May, Christian Morality, and his late brother's work

    Peter Tatchell on LGBT suffrage, ethical outing, and receiving death threats

    The prominent LGBT rights campaigner talks with John Maier about religious faith, his life’s work and why he can’t retire

    Interview: Slavoj Žižek

    John Maier talks to Slavoj Žižek about Trump, student politics and the power of comedy

    Profile: Ann Widdecombe

    The former shadow home secretary and Conservative Party stalwart on public notoriety, current events, and Brexit

    Trump: better out than in

    Politics is an unseemly business and is best confined to bumper stickers and articles by Owen Jones, where it can go safely unnoticed. Every...

    Interview: Timothy Garton Ash

    John Maier talks to Professor Timothy Garton Ash about Free Speech at Universities, No-platforming, and the threat to liberal values today

    A day at the races

    John Maier reviews the recent glut of political leadership contests

    Brexit: have you heard the good news?

    Some of you may have missed the fallout from the recent EU referendum, which by all accounts was a minimal and rather subdued affair...