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    Jade Calder

    #StopAsianHate was long overdue

    "Whether it be when going for a walk in the park or when doing the weekly supermarket shop, I felt a slight pang of fear whenever someone looked at me or approached me, scared of whatever prejudice my mere presence had ignited within them."

    Don’t knock Wagamama’s anglicised katsu curry

    I am the human equivalent of a Greggs Katsu Curry bake

    Oxford announces LGBTQ+ lecture series

    Oxford University is to launch a new twice-yearly lecture series, The Michael Dillon LGBTQ+ Lectures, at St Anne’s college, to facilitate discussions around LGBTQ+...

    Giant pink pen statue to be built outside of the School

    Oxford City Council has approved plans by the Blavatnik School of Government to erect a statue of a giant pink pen in the Radcliffe...

    A Taste of Honey Today

    A Taste of Honey, a play by the Salford-born writer Shelagh Delaney, debuted in 1958 and is widely considered to be a landmark work...

    Girls to the Front: a brief history of Women in Rock

    It is encouraging news that, according to a 2018 study by the guitar manufacturer Fender, 50% of new guitarists in the US and UK...