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Felicity Victoria Graham

A Losing Battle: London-centrism and the Northern Powerhouse

"There is a distinct lack of investment in the infrastructure of the North, and, with a string of governments failing to address the issue, the problem has for a long time been abandoned to the inhabitants themselves."

What the media coverage of Beirut shows us: a skewed approach to global disasters

"Manifesting a white-saviour complex, yet demonstrating a truly self-interested approach at heart, the Western mainstream media is broken."

Brits And The Yemen: Wilful Ignorance?

The British middle-classes are walking idly by, whilst from pretty Menwith Hill, the people of Yemen are being bombed. At the innocent age of twelve,...

Rebranding Climate Change: An Imagery Crisis

We have no time to sit and mourn the collapse of a single ice cap or, more brutally, the death of a few Arctic polar bears; we are now facing a human crisis, with human impacts. To stop large-scale death and destruction in the world’s poorest areas, we must act now.

Interview: Rosie Sourbut, Labour candidate for Oxford West and Abingdon

Rosie Sourbut is not only a candidate but also a third year English student at Somerville College. I ask her first what it’s...

Extinction Rebellion: One Year On

"The events of the last two weeks have divulged the reality of Extinction Rebellion. "

Anarchy unmasked; Peterloo 200 years on

Felicity Victoria Graham discusses the 200th anniversary of The Peterloo Massacre and what we could learn from it

Fiddling while the planet burns

Faced with a climactic crisis, we need action rather than further study.