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    Emma Leech

    Fighting art with art in Bolzano

    In Oxford we argue over the future of the Rhodes statue, but in Italy they have found a new solution

    Union memberships are a waste of time and money

    Emma Leech argues that although it may sound appealing, your Union card will become a cruel reminder of wasted finances and opportunities

    My town and my gown: fruit-picking in the south of France

    Emma Leech considers how her Oxford experiences prepared her for a month on a French farm

    Laali Vadlamani wins Union Presidency for Hilary 2018

    Particularly low turnout election sees Vadlamani win with 496 first preference votes

    SnapShot: Crewdate

    Emma Leech revels in journalistic gaiety as Cherwell meets The Other Place

    Stormzy donates £9,000 to New College finalist

    The grime artist donated to Experimental Psychology student Fiona Asiedu's crowdfunding campaign to study at Harvard

    Oxford University announces new diverse portraits

    Over twenty new portraits for the University feature women, LGBTQ+, disabled, and BME people, and those from varied socio-economic backgrounds

    Battling uncertainty with uncertainty is reckless: Indy Ref Two must wait

    The case for Scottish independence is just as poor as at the time of the last referendum, argues Emma Leech

    Several College heads missed off Brexit open letter

    Notable absentees from original list of signatories have expressed their desire to have been included

    Dodging Oxford’s cyclists

    Emma Leech shares the life lessons learnt from a bike crash

    Single of the week: James Blunt’s ‘Love Me Better’

    Emma Leech slates the pop singer's painful new release

    Couch to 5K

    Emma Leech’s app-etite for fitness improves with an affinity for electronic instruction

    A thistle amongst the roses: to be a lone Scot in Oxford

    Emma Leech questions the motives behind setting up national societies

    Worthwhile resolutions

    Emma Leech encourages students to make realistic and useful resolutions