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Laali Vadlamani wins Union Presidency for Hilary 2018

Particularly low turnout election sees Vadlamani win with 496 first preference votes

Laali Vadlamani is the Oxford Union’s new President-elect for Michaelmas 2017 following her uncontested election on Friday 9 June. She will become President in Hilary term.

The ex-Treasurer from Trinity College received 496 first preference votes, with 136 votes going to RON.

This marks a particularly low turnout for the Union with only 770 members turning out to vote.

Members also voted for New College’s Stephen Horvath as their Treasurer-elect and St John’s Ed Evans as Secretary. The Librarian-elect is to be Sabriyah Saeed. All officer positions were uncontested as was the position for President.

The Standing Committee and Secretary’s Committee have also been elected with a particularly close result between Standing Committee candidates. 

Both sets of Committee positions were contested and saw James Lamming (Standing Committee) and Charles Wang (Secretary’s Committee) come out on top.

Michael Harkness is the Returning Officer.  

See the full results below:


Treasurer-elect: Stephen Horvath – 499 (RON – 114)

Secretary: Ed Evans – 498

Librarian-elect: Sabriyah Saeed – 496 (RON – 119)

STANDING COMMITTEE (in order of number of first-preference votes)

James Lamming – 129

Brian Wong – 126

Shivani Ananth– 123

Julian Kirk – 122

Jan Bialas – 108

Runner up: Grace Joel – 88

SECRETARY’S COMMITTEE (in order of number of first-preference votes)

Charles Wang – 82

Shanuk Mediwaka – 77

Adam Watson – 66

Alex Yeandle – 63

Abigail Ridsdill-Smith – 58

Isabella Risino – 58

Charlie Cheesman – 58

Chris Garner – 51

Freya Dixon Van Dijk – 50

Genevieve Athis – 48

Mike Fuller – 42

Runner-up: Matthew Vautrey – 41

First Eliminated: Will Taylor – 25

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