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    Emily Beswick

    Kacey Musgraves basks in newfound light on her latest album, Golden Hour

    On her new project, Kacey Musgraves opts for the personal over the political

    ‘SiX’ at the Fringe review – “the best hour of comedy I saw all week”

    Emily Beswick is blown away by 'SiX' at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the first original musical toured by The Other Place's Musical Theatre Society

    Review: The Eagle and Child

    Emily Beswick follows in the footsteps of her literary idols

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    Emily Beswick finds the best bottles for under a fiver

    An experience of Oxford Women Speak Out

    Emily Beswick discusses using her time, and body, for activism

    Margo Price live at the Bullingdon

    Emily Beswick is delighted by the raw energy of Price's live show

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    Emily Beswick discusses gender with the rising country star

    Review: The Standard

    Emily Beswick discovers Jericho’s best-kept secret

    Review: George Street Social

    Emily Beswick visits a haven for price-savvy food fanatics

    The return of the epic

    Emily Beswick praises epic scope in a culture of brevity

    Recipe: festive gingerbread stars

    Emily Beswick suggests a great teatime snack, or thrifty Christmas gift

    The two parts of a poet’s whole

    Emily Beswick explores the duality of the self in Sarah Howe’s collection of poems, Loop of Jade

    Female country singers: The voices we need to hear

    Emily Beswick advocates the home-grown lyrics of female country stars