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    Ben Ray

    OxFolk Reviews: ‘Old Adam’

    “How do stories make us who we are?” This is the surprisingly philosophical question posed to us by Fa Hield in the introduction to...

    OxFolk Review: ‘II’

    Ben Ray discusses 'II', the latest album from Moore Moss Rutter

    OxFolk Reviews: ‘The Fade In Time’

    Ben Ray listens to 'The Fade In Time', the latest album from Sam Lee & Friends

    OxFolk Review: ‘Abyss’

    Ben Ray reviews 'Abyss', the debut album from Talisk

    OxFolk Review: ‘2’

    Ben Ray looks at '2', the latest album by The Gloaming

    OxFolk Reviews: ‘The Escape’

    Ben Ray is captivated by UFQ's latest album 'The Escape'

    OxFolk Review: ‘Wing of Evening’

    Ben Ray reviews 'Wing of Evening', the debut album from The Dovetail Trio

    OxFolk Review: ‘The Fade In Time’

    Listening to Sam Lee & Friend’s latest album, ‘The Fade In Time’, is like sitting in on a storytelling session by one of folk...

    OxFolk Review: ‘Already Home’

    Ben Ray discusses 'Already Home', the latest release by The Rheingans Sisters

    Discussing superheroes and family: a conversation with Jonathan Edwards

    Jonathan Edwards, a softly spoken, quiet English teacher from Monmouthshire, South Wales, is an unexpected hero. Alongside teaching English full time in a secondary...

    OxFolk Review: ‘Releasing the Leaves’

    Ben Ray listens to 'Releasing the Leaves', the second album from the duo Ninebarrow

    OxFolk Review: ‘Light up the Dark’

    Ben Ray reviews 'Light up the Dark', the latest release from 'The Outside Track'

    OxFolk Reviews: ‘This Is How We Fly’

    Ben Ray reviews the latest album from Irish group 'This Is How We Fly'

    OxFolk Reviews: ‘When The Good Times Come Again’

    Ben Ray listens to 'When The Good Times Come Again', the new album from Megson