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    Anthony Maskell


    “Uneasy is the head that wears a crown”, wrote Shakespeare, who seemed compulsively committed to documenting the simultaneous lure and burden of monarchy more...

    Review: Man and Superman

    Comedy and philosophy at the National Theatre

    Review: Jurassic World

    Anthony Maskell finds Jurassic World an adrenaline-pumping thrill ride, but it doesn't quite live up to the original

    In Defence of: Celebrity

    Anthony Maskell finds Woody Allen's Celebrity to be a startlingly poignant satire

    In Defence of: The Holiday

    Anthony Maskell calls Nancy Meyer's holiday rom-com a feel good guilty pleasure

    The Dark Side of the Picket Fence

    Anthony Maskell explores the depths of filmmakers’ obsession with suburban darkness

    In Defence of: Cloud Atlas

    Anthony Maskell celebrates the Wachowskis' sprawling cross-genre multi-narrative epic

    The Ugly Politics of the Silver Screen

    Anthony Maskell discusses the negative portrayal of politicians in film and TV

    Review: Cake

    Anthony Maskell finds Cake an airy and predictable slice of award bait

    Review: Cinderella

    Anthony Maskell finds the live action Disney flick entertaining but unambitious

    Review: The Babadook

    Anthony Maskell calls The Babadook a landmark chiller

    Review: Seventh Son

    Anthony Maskell finds Sergei Bodrov's sword-and-sorcery epic a disappointing waste of time and talent

    Review: Life Itself

    Anthony Maskell reviews Steve James' celebratory documentary about the life of America's most famous film critic

    Hitchcock and Voyeurism

    Anthony Maskell explores how the legendary director changed the way audiences watched cinema