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Andy Wei

St Hugh’s and Oriel score 0 on latest sustainability ranking

The Climate League of Oxford and Cambridge (CLOC) has just released its 2023 ranking of Oxford colleges. St Hugh’s and Oriel are the worst...

Record number of BME students received places in 2022 as EU and overall applications fall

According to Oxford’s newest admissions report, for the first time in at least five years, the overall number of applications to Oxford has decreased,...

Honorary degree recipients to include former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

The University of Oxford has revealed the list of eight people who will be receiving an honorary degree this year. Each recipient has demonstrated...

Single-use plastics will be banned from April onward, says Oxford City Council

Oxford's street food vendors react to the council's decision to ban single-use plastic from April.

Peter Thiel bashes “Greta and the autistic children’s crusade” at Oxford Union

The Oxford Union opened its bicentenary year on Monday with an address by Peter Thiel, the entrepreneur and investor who co-founded Paypal and Palantir....

Oxford makes progress after centuries of social engineering in admissions

"That students from Harrow no longer enjoy the 45.2% Oxbridge acceptance rate they did five years ago is not a crime."