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Friday, June 24, 2022

Xander Haveron Jones

In Conversation with Lord Harry Dalmeny

“If you go to an auction, out comes the Picasso—dead silence. Once the hammer comes down on the price—applause. We live in a world where they applaud the price but not the Picasso”.

In Conversation with Matthew Slotover

Anyone who knows even a little about the London art market will know Frieze. Founded in 1991 as a contemporary art magazine by Oxford...

Writing a Life: Overseeing the Evolution of Biography

It goes without saying that the significance of identity is fundamental to biography. Yet this is perhaps one thing in the analogue times past—but in an age of unique self-representation, the role of social media as a tool of pretence and unchecked self-aggrandisement casts a shadow on the biographies of coming years.

Clamorous Noise: The Music of Everyday Life

"It’s worth trying because it’s worth trying to find beauty in everything."

In Conversation with India Hicks

Although having enjoyed a varied career, India Hicks is perhaps best known for two things: her eponymous lifestyle brand (now defunct), and being Prince...

The Court Painter: The Exclusivity of the ‘Popular’ Artist

For the casual modern art admirer, it might initially be difficult to comprehend the business of art in the 17th-century; a time in which...

In Conversation with Countess Alexandra Tolstoy

Countess Alexandra Tolstoy is the daughter of Count Nikolai Tolstoy-Miloslavsky, the current head of the noble House of Tolstoy, distantly related to Leo Tolstoy,...

Reflective Awakenings

  The Victorian period was one defined by immense social change - especially in regards to women’s position in society. Throughout the century, increasing debate...