Oxford students join “million-strong” anti-Brexit march

Representing a number of political groups, the number of Oxford students who were in attendance is difficult to establish, but one source told Cherwell that over 50 Oxford students had marched.

Photo Credit: Becky Clark

A large number Oxford students attended Saturday’s “Put It To The People” march through central London demanding a second referendum on Brexit, joining what organisers claim to be upwards of a million other marchers.

One source told Cherwell that at least 50 Oxford students were on the march, although the number is difficult to verify due to the large number of separate groups that organised blocs.

Speaking to Cherwell, Our Future Our Choice Oxford President Dominic Brind said: “It was thrilling to see so many Oxford students among the million marching on parliament to demand their say. It’s become yet clearer that the government has no idea of how to sort out Brexit: that’s why it has to go back to the people.

“Most of the undergraduates at Oxford were too young to vote in 2016: among the 2 million young people across the country who have turned 18 since then, and who must have their voices heard in a People’s Vote.

“I would urge everyone to write to their MPs as we approach the final stage of Brexit to urge them to let the people have the final say on Brexit.”

Former chair of “BeLeave”, the scandal-plagued pro-Brexit campaign group for young people, Darren Grimes argued: “Of course Oxbridge students are in attendance of this Losers Vote march, I fully expect them to be in the Commons in two decades, continuing the tradition of being removed from the electorate they likely don’t deserve to represent.

“As for the attendance of young people more generally. Not all young people are pro-remain. Young people without higher education experience are no more pro-remain than older people without higher education experience. When will we give those young people a platform?”

Polling shows consistent support for remaining in the EU amongst British university students, with some showing over 70% support remaining in the transnational body.

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