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Daily Archives: Feb 5, 2008

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What’s the real reason?

Pacifist raises the issue (commenting on my last post) that Germany’s reluctance to get involved in military operations such as Afghanistan may not have...

Stage preview: I Love Peach Blossom

Admittedly, it is difficult to talk about a play with full confidence when the only performance you’ve seen is one in which a translator...

Club review: Sex On the Beat, Wed 30th Jan

Where can I begin with Sex on the Beat? With the beat. The night is all about the music: a fusion of dirty electro,...

Exhibition Review: Emma Dougherty, ‘Phi*lat*e*ly’, at ‘The Vaults’

In Spectrum I, eight long canvases hang in a line. In lifeless cooperation, the yellow gives way to the red, the red to the...

Jamie Oliver to Open New restaurant in Oxford

Jamie Oliver is to open an Italian restaurant in Oxford in what used to be the Cock and Camel pub on George Street.Jamie bought...

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