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Club review: Sex On the Beat, Wed 30th Jan

Where can I begin with Sex on the Beat? With the beat. The night is all about the music: a fusion of dirty electro, underground house and, essentially, incredible beats – a sharp contrast to the usual array of RnB and cheese that dominates student nights at Filth. This week, the music progressed increasingly further from the Sex on the Beat regular DJs’ dirty electro house, introducing more accessible ‘standard’  Drum n Bass and House tracks (did I hear Pendulum at Sex on the Beat?!) with guest DJs from Radio1.This didn’t, however, destroy the originality of Sex on the Beat. It merely meant the night transformed and altered as the hours flew by. From electro to house to breaks to drum n bass, there was no stopping the movement. The resident DJs Sam Frasier and Darren (aka Dee Styles), aim to ensure that this diversity and variety is maintained at the Sex on the Beat: “the ethos of the night is to educate the crowd with a variety of house music that will be pleasing to everyone’s ears…we aim to cater for everyone’s musical tastes.”But the wonderful thing about Sex on the Beat isn’t just the beat…it's the crowd. Wednesday saw a mix of Oxford and Brookes students all together for the same purpose: ‘raving’ the night away. Glow bands were given out on the door and with the usual array of funky outfits, a bit of glow paint (demonstrating the growing ‘nu rah-ve’ culture) and a few pairs of sunglasses here and there, it was a colourful eclectic picture of clubbers. Last Wednesday certainly demonstrated this and it ensured that Sex on the Beat will be a dominant feature of student clubbing from now on. Unlike normal student club nights, there’s no need to start queuing at some un-godly hour of 8.30pm (did I hear you say Bridge?), because it’s open until the early hours.The next Sex on the Beat will be on Wednesday 13th February: a Valentine’s special on till 5am. Tickets will be available for this night at the Hobgoblin Pub on the Cowley Road, or via Facebook. Watch this space…Sex on the Beat could prove to be the best Beat in Oxford.  by Catherine Molony

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