Tuesday, May 4, 2021
    Home Life


    In Conversation with Catherine Cohen

    There’s only one Catherine Cohen. It’s something you realise about five minutes into watching her perform — she’s just burped. “I’m sorry,” she says nonchalantly,...

    Don’t just do something, sit there

    For those readers who have not heard anything about mindfulness, this may only be because you have surrounded yourself with people respectful enough, that...

    I know which side my bread is buttered!

    There is a web of social implications behind the pat sitting in the top shelf of your fridge door. That is, if you have butter at all, and not marge, a whole other bag of historical worms.

    Student Profile: Luke Bateman

    Joining this zoom call, Luke is sat in his childhood bedroom with a bookcase overflowing in the background. Luke immediately starts chatting and smiling,...