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To all the pubs we’ve loved before: pitch(er) perfect

The fifth week blues are hitting so we are combatting them with blue lagoons! Spoons
pitchers are a student staple for a reason, and week we decided to try out some new flavours.
This is our ranking of some of the Spoons pitchers, assisted by our expert friends.

  1. Bumbu Colada – this boasts a violent coconut flavour. Not to be touched unless you are a
    serious fan of Bountys. 2/10
  2. The Godfather – our friend described this as “pepsi and disappointment”. If you enjoy cola
    you might enjoy this but save your money and just order a vodka coke, it will taste the same. 3/10
  3. Blue Lagoon – “it tastes like chemicals”, “like eating a smurf”. Despite this, the blue
    lagoon is a fan favourite, our friend Kit said he could drink it “all night long baby”. 4/10
  4. Woo Woo – our friend says it tastes “like the colour red”. A bit like watery squash, but we
    love it. 6/10
  5. Mango Monster Mash – this drink tastes like a holiday. 7/10
  6. Bubblegin – this is our personal favourite. You can never go wrong with a bubblegin, it tastes like childhood and the glitter makes it even better. 9/10
  7. Candy Rosa – this is a new addition to the menu, and we were impressed. A very fruity cocktail, this arguably surpasses our love for bubblegin. It’s safe to say we have found a new favourite and we would seriously recommend you go down to Spoons to try one of these. 10/10

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