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Akshay Bilolikar


Live review: Fickle Friends at the Bullingdon

Akshay Bilolikar escapes rainy Oxford for sunny Los Angeles with Fickle Friends

Interview: Peter Lilley, Conservative MP and Brexiteer

Akshay Bilolikar discusses George Galloway, Scottish ancestry and the EU referendum with the veteran Tory MP

Disaster is just an accident away in 2016

The fragile state of world affairs in the year ahead in 2016

Debate: ‘Is hosting the Olympics a mistake for Rio?’

Terror threats, drugs cheats and corruption: are the Summer Games worth it for Brazil?Akshay Bilolikar and Jamie Huffer address some of the pros and cons associated with hosting the Olympics.

Christmas is consumerist. So what?

Akshay Bilolikar defends consumerism and capitalism in the season of good will and gift-buying

At Oxford, you’re probably part of the elite

Akshay Bilolikar and Alexander Curtis examine Oxford admissions in light of a new survey and offer their respective takes on the issue

Through the Looking Glass: The ‘modesty’ of Alan Bennett’s Oxford

Susie Finlay explores the relationship between Alan Bennett's political views and his time at Oxford

PTSD rewrote me

Izzy Smith reflects on the way in which PTSD affects her life and her identity

Why Oxford should resist the NSS

The National Student Survey will have dire consequences for students, says Lily MacTaggart

Courting controversy: against conservative callousness

In the first of a new blog series, Daniel Kodsi is repulsed by a Trump administration built on hatred

The ‘post-truth’ era is a product of liberal denial

James Lamming argues that making ‘post truth’ the Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year is a fundamentally arrogant move