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Akshay Bilolikar

Akshay Bilolikar is Deputy Editor of Cherwell for TT17. He can be found on Twitter @aks__hay.

The Shins – Heartworms review

Akshay Bilolikar finds a confident and valedictory wisdom in the Shins' fifth effort

Oxford heads sign open letter for EU residency rights

Vice-Chancellor and heads of 35 Colleges and PPHs write in support of Lords amendment to guarantee EU residency rights

Lords votes to sever HE Bill link between tuition fees and...

Blow to government as Lords revolt over plans for tuition fees to be linked to university teaching quality

Live review: Fickle Friends at the Bullingdon

Akshay Bilolikar escapes rainy Oxford for sunny Los Angeles with Fickle Friends

Interview: Peter Lilley, Conservative MP and Brexiteer

Akshay Bilolikar discusses George Galloway, Scottish ancestry and the EU referendum with the veteran Tory MP

Disaster is just an accident away in 2016

The fragile state of world affairs in the year ahead in 2016

Debate: ‘Is hosting the Olympics a mistake for Rio?’

Terror threats, drugs cheats and corruption: are the Summer Games worth it for Brazil?Akshay Bilolikar and Jamie Huffer address some of the pros and cons associated with hosting the Olympics.

Christmas is consumerist. So what?

Akshay Bilolikar defends consumerism and capitalism in the season of good will and gift-buying

At Oxford, you’re probably part of the elite

Akshay Bilolikar and Alexander Curtis examine Oxford admissions in light of a new survey and offer their respective takes on the issue

Atheists among the least afraid of death—Oxford study

A study has shown that atheists are not necessarily the most anxious about death

How do antidepressants affect our brains?

Olivia Murray explores how antidepressants affect our brain chemistry, and whether they are the best way to medicate depression.

Marvel’s Netflix universe is going badly wrong, and it’s the writing that’s to blame

Christopher Goring takes a look at Netflix’s increasingly troubled corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a spoiler-filled examination of how everything went off the rails

Six Nations hints at future Lions XV

With the Six Nations over, Theo Davies-Lewis picks his strongest British and Irish Lions XV

From another Bridge: On the Westminster attack in London

Carolina Earle reflects on the recent London terror attack, its impact on our society, and how we must respond when faced by traumatic events