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WHO provides guidance on use of Oxford vaccine

They recommend that two standard doses of the vaccine should be given at 8- to 12-week intervals, for people aged 18 and older. This is the current strategy adopted by the United Kingdom. Clinical trials have shown that this dosing regimen is safe and effective in preventing symptomatic COVID-19.

Oxford vaccine provides sustained protection during 3-month interval until second dose

dditionally, the Oxford vaccine may be effective in reducing transmission of coronavirus. Based on swabs obtained from volunteers in the UK, there was a 67% reduction in positive tests among those who had been vaccinated.

Leaders in Oxford give support for 2040 net zero carbon emissions pledge

In a press release from the Oxford City Council, Councillor Tom Hayes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Green Transport and Zero Carbon Oxford said, “It is more important than ever that citizens, organisations, and governments at all levels show leadership to tackle the climate emergency head on. Our joint ambition to become a net zero city by 2040—ten years earlier than the target set by the Government—is a strong sign of the pace and ambition required."

Oxford residents reminded not to let their guard down as COVID cases remain high

Despite a slight decline in the spread of COVID-19 within Oxfordshire, infection rates are still higher than they were in December. According to figures published...

Emergency accommodation for rough sleepers in Oxford open for 19 consecutive days

In view of the ongoing pandemic, rough sleepers in SWEP accommodation are now offered their own room for the night, while in previous years they would sleep in shared spaces.

Only 4 University libraries open for study until start of Hilary

For the start of Hilary term, the Bodleian Libraries will prioritise the provision of remote and zero-contact services, such as Live Chat, Scan and Deliver, and Click and Collect.

Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine approved for use in UK

The Oxford vaccine will be rolled out in the UK from Monday, 4 January.

University College’s adopted cat passes away

“It was a short but very sweet association which has touched many hearts beyond our walls. We are extremely grateful to our old members who were moved to so kindly contribute to his upkeep, to our students for having the compassion to advocate for him and not least to our vet, Eleanor Flynn who spent a great deal of her personal time on Clement’s welfare"

Oxbridge applicants face technical difficulties during admissions tests

A number of candidates who sat for university admissions tests two weeks ago, such as the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT) and Thinking Skills Assessment...

Food habits must change to meet Paris Climate Agreement, Oxford-led study finds

According to an Oxford-led study published in the journal Science, even if the world significantly reduces its reliance on fossil fuels, it will still...

Long COVID: What can we do?

In a crisis full of unknown variables, it pays to stay alert for new curveballs to avoid being caught off guard in the future.

Greta’s Gap Year: A Catalyst for Change?

"When the term “climate activist” is mentioned, the first person that comes to your mind might be a teenage girl from Stockholm."

University’s REACH Programme receives additional funding to improve water security

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) has provided new funding to the University of Oxford’s REACH programme, which seeks to improve water security...