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W A Whitten

Pubs (and Kebabs)

You should not fall into the trap of thinking drinking is an essential part of university life; however, for many of you it will...

First Year Review: A year in the life of pandemic Oxford

The biggest effect of Covid is the sense of loss of opportunity

Alternative media: how are we getting our information?

"Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and YouTube are great sources of information and will become the main ones for many of us. This in itself is not a negative; technology adapts, and the way people live their lives adapts with technology - but so must regulations and laws" W A Whitten discusses how alternative forms of media are shaping news reporting.

Meet the Linacre student that invented new vegan leather

"With the ever-increasing rise of awareness of pollution, global warming, and the use of plastic the search for alternative materials becomes more urgent, Gabriel Moreno and his father Alex started Fiquetex with the aim of providing a reliable source of alternative greener materials made from the Fique plant."

Happy 2021 Census day

Think of each Census like a point of data on an ever-growing Graph, the more accurate the data and the more standard the points of data, then the more accurate the conclusion can be drawn.