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Will Railton

Are Oxford terms too short?

Michaelmas has come to an end so Will Railton puts it to Robert Walmsley that eight is enough.

Is Oxford doing enough to combat sexual violence?

Responding to Cherwell's latest investigation, Robert Walmsley and Will Railton debate whether Oxford is doing enough to tackle sexual violence.

Is Oxford intimidating for freshers?

Will Railton and Jack Davies debate whether Oxford is more intimidating than the average university.

£26 million donation for graduate scholarships

Widow of founder of Atlantic Records donates largest single sum of money to humanities students in Oxford's history

Oxford research into Libya and democracy

Research suggests that fewer than 1 in 3 Libyans would support a democratic regime

£90m needed to save the Humanities

Oxford suffers from government cuts, asking for £90m to save 75 key government posts

Exeter Fellow writes a book on the origins of sex

Dr. Faramerz Dabhoiwala's book due to be published on February 2nd

Oxford produces ‘Super-tutors’

Oxford graduates are among a new breed of tutors charging up to £1000 an hour to help schoolchildren with exams and Oxbridge entry

Corpus Christi cans OxStu

Corpus passes a motion to unsubscribe from the Oxford Student, following articles involving their members

Unions at his Beck-ham call

The Oxford and Cambridge Unions are reportedly both vying to secure David Beckham as a speaker this term

Test errors impede History applications

Prospective History students informed late about Oxford interviews, following a mix-up by HAT examiners at the History Faculty

Oxford places low down in drinking survey

Oxford University ranks 59th out of 68 universities when it comes to weekly unit intake, as Oxford students drink less than the recommended weekly alcohol intake

Oxford tutors battle retirement

University adopts policy to ensure dons employed past retirement age are suitable

Exam Regulations book under threat

A motion has been passed by OUSU to discuss reducing numbers of the Exam Regulations printed