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    Violeta Perea Rubio

    St Hilda’s Chaplain let go after 30 years, making way for Multi-Faith Director

    St Hilda’s governing body has decided against renewing Canon Revd. Brian Mountford’s post as Chaplain of St Hilda’s after 30 years of service to...

    One in every five students likely to defer university entry to Autumn 2021, UCU survey shows

    A survey published by the University and College Union (UCU) reveals that 28% of prospective students were likely to defer their university place to...

    Human trials begin for Oxford COVID-19 vaccine

    Since beginning work on a vaccine against the novel coronavirus in early January, Prof. Sarah Gilbert’s team have begun clinical trials on humans this...

    Long Read – The EU Betrays Solidarity

    When the European Economic Community (EEC) shifted to the European Union in 1993, Maastricht Treaty emphasised ‘solidarity’ as its founding tenet. In the Treaty, member states...

    A Political Pirouette

    With the death of symbol the symbol of progressive, politically involved ballet, Alicia Alonso, does ballet lie in danger of becoming irrelevant?