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    Tom Cutterham

    No more selection by wealth

    The Damien Shannon case shows that much must change

    Noughtie Oxford

    Tom Cutterham reviews Ben Masters' first novel - a eulogy to student life

    Resisting the meaningless

    Simon Critchley talks power, politics and the problem of nihilism with Tom Cutterham

    Teenage hobo junkie vampires

    Tom Cutterham examines the serious side of an indie bestseller

    Banter and Posthumousness

    Cherwell asks Lars Iyer some questions about his debut novel, Spurious, and the relationship between fiction and philosophy

    Everything and Nothing

    Cherwell reviews A Book for All and None, the literary debut from Clare Morgan, course director of the Oxford MSt in Creative Writing

    Review: Spurious

    Tom Cutterham finds out it's still grim up North after reviewing Spurious, Lars Iyer's first novel derived from his blog of the same name

    Romantic Moderns

    Cherwell meets the author of Romantic Moderns, Alexandra Harris


    It’s just one year until the Mayan apocalypse, but for those who take their eschatology with more of a modern twist, Cherwell finds some interesting new books on their way.

    Christmas Poems: Tom Cutterham reads ‘Stealing’

    Tom Cutterham reads from Carol Ann Duffy's 'Stealing,' anthologised by AQA for

    Christmas poems: Clarissa Pabi reads "Dirty Old Man"

    Oxford Poetry Society President Clarissa Pabi reads her poem for the season in the first of Cherwell's Christmas poems

    We Need To Talk About Steve

    We wonder about interviews with authors. What are they for, and what should we ask?

    Proust: A simple guide

    Tom Cutterham explains how to attack 'À la recherche du temps perdu'

    Online Review: Agora

    A celebration of enlightened scepticism, says Tom Cutterham